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MSc offering for energy storages and energy supply systems varies from converter and inverter products to complete system deliveries. We can deliver a complete containarized supercapacitor energy storage systems in cooperation with our partners, hybrid energy supply solutions connecting energy sources and storages, power conversion solutions (PCS), power back up solutions for critical motor drives, and independent converters as building blocks.

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Super capacitor energy storage

New electricity ecosystem requires new energy reserve and balancing solutions. MSc super capacitor energy storage enables ”slow reaction” power plants like hydro power to offer frequency reserve services to transmission system operator. MSc super capacitor energy storage operates as a fast response energy source while the hydro power capacity is ramping up. MSc can deliver the super capacitor energy storage with our partners as ready to install container solution or in cabinets for indoor installation. Our system architecture is modular enabling scaling of the power and energy according to needs of your case.

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Energy storage and supply systems

MSc power converters enable implementation of large variety of energy storage and supply systems.

Our references vary from:

  • hybrid energy supply systems combining electricity grid, solar power, diesel generator and battery storage
  • power back up solutions for critical motor drives 
  • power conversion system for energy storages, to 
  • independent AC/DC-, DC/DC- and DC/AC -converters as building blocks for system integrators

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