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MSc has a long history of tailor-made power converters for OEM`s and system integrators. MSc is a flexible partner who can quickly fulfill the requirements of the customer and MSc converter solutions have proved over 30 years their applicability and operational reliability in the most demanding circumstances, from the dry deserts to the freezing poles.

MSc tailor-made solutions are utilized in various sectors of industry. Our technology is used for example for improving the power quality with active filters, for storing and generating energy, for magnetizing motors and generators. You can find our know-how also in power systems of mobile harbor cranes, pitch systems of windmills and automation systems in paper mills.

MSc is capable to design and manufacture various customized power converters such as:

  • high current DC and AC supplies
  • high power chargers
  • high frequency inverters 
  • power converters for harsh environments

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  • Matti Tryyki has joined The MSc Production team to ensure our future production capabilities

    MSc is pleased to announce our most recent recruitment Matti Tryyki as Production Manag... Read more

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