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References and partners

MSc is recognized as a reliable supplier and partner having a long experience in delivering converter systems and products all over the world. Company capability and product quality has been proven in various projects having demanding and strict quality requirements. Many projects have included demanding R&D, engineering and type testing which is all done by MSc employees.

Our partners:   General Electric                   Deutsche Bahn

                           ABB                                        Skoda

                           Danfoss                                 VR Group

                           Cargotec                                Alstom

And many others.

H2 – Electrolysis and fuel cells

MSc has developed and supplied both IGBT and thyristor based heavy duty rectifier solutions. Our rectifier solution for electrolysis DC-power supply is based on the know-how and experience of the long track record.

Converter deliveries for fuel cell solutions since 2002.


Auxiliary power converters

Type of vehicle:
Restaurant car, Steering car, Passenger car, Metro, Train, Tram

Finland, Spain, Russia, Germany, UK, Belgium, China, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Pakistan, Norway, Switzerland

HVAC, cooling systems, on-board sockets, kitchen equipment, emergency brake system, motor cooling

Battery chargers

Type of vehicle:
Train, steering car

Finland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Mexico, Estonia, Australia, UK, Germany

Battery charger, bi-directional battery charger

Auxiliary power systems

Type of vehicle:
Tram, Metro, Train

Finland, Norway, Belgium, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Pakistan, China

HVAC system and cooling assemblies, battery charging, on-the-fly switchable triple input system for on and off-shore applications

Energy storage and supply

Hybrid Energy Supply System (HESS)
System combines grid connection, diesel generator, solar power and battery storage, and feeds energy to micro grid.

Example system:

Uninterrupted Motor Drive (UMD)
Several back up solutions delivered for critical motor drives in power plants, pumping stations etc.

Super Capacitor Module (SCM)
Several Super Capacitor Modules with MSc DC/DC converters delivered since 2007.


Heavy duty rectifiers
Over 700 units delivered as a power supply to mobile harbour cranes

Over 500 units of bi-directional, booster or step-down / buck DC/DC converter deliveries to energy storages, wind and solar farms, and different special applications in Europe, Asia, Pacific area and Africa

Active harmonic Filter (AHF)
Over 500 rebranded units delivered to Europe, Asia and Pacific area.

Frequency converter for cryogenic pump
Over 300 units delivered to several system integrators / cryogenic gas truck manufacturers in Europe

Special converters
Over 500 AC/AC converter units as power supply for induction heater in paper manufacturing

MSc motor excitation systems
Serveral deliveries of customized high power AC motor excitation systems

Special mobile

Posiva canister transfer and installation vehicle (KSAA)
Converters to charge the vehicle battery and control the main and auxiliary motor drives, and 200 kWh energy storage system.

MIR 1 & 2 deep-submergence vehicle
main thruster drive converters

Hi-tech Tourist Submarines
main thruster drive converters and auxiliary power converters

Mining trolley truck
Liquid cooled hybrid converter system for heavy duty mining truck enabling both external power- and battery feed.

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