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MSc delivers critical converters to ports globally


In the past twenty years, MSc Electronics has delivered up to 600 pieces of ACDC converters (type 16040ACDC750) to hybrid carriers and cranes in ports around the world. With decades of experience in delivering and servicing critical electronic solutions to large global businesses in various industries, MSc is a reliable partner in long-term partnerships.

This ACDC converter is a critical element in hybrid carriers and cranes. It transforms the electricity of the diesel generator to suit the carrier’s power transmission system. Major ports host dozens of carriers that are operated 24/7. The reliability of the carriers is of key importance, as downtime has to be minimized for the optimal operation of the port. MSc creates and develops its solutions in close co-operation with the customers to optimize their functionality.

The lifecycle of hybrid port carriers and cranes is roughly 20 years. Since the conditions in ports cause strain on the electronic devices, the converters need to be overhauled or replaced approximately every ten years. MSc provides full maintenance and replacement service for the converters to support the operability of the ports.

MSc Electronics, founded in 1985 and based in Tampere, Finland, specialises in scalable high-performance converters for demanding electricity systems, and has delivered over 16 000 critical converter solutions globally.

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