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MSc Electronics ready to launch a new modular rectifier solution for electrolysis systems with two new patents


With 40 years of experience in power conversion for railway vehicles and demanding industrial applications, MSc Electronics is now entering the renewable energy market with modular, cost-efficient converters that supply electricity to electrolyzers. MSc has two patents about technologies used in the company’s converters and cooling systems, designed to complement MSc’s new converter tailored for the hydrogen market.

The first invention (patent granted) is a method that eliminates the voltage distortion that converters cause to the electricity distribution network. The method is based on decades of experience in converters connected to the electricity network. It adjusts the operation of the converter system so that it causes less distortion to the grid. By removing the need for external, costly methods to suppress distortion, MSc’s product enhances the overall cost-efficiency of its electrolyzer solutions.

The development work for the voltage distortion elimination method was started in 2021 and it has now been granted a patent.

The second patent, which is currently pending, is for the cooling system of the liquid-cooled 100 kW converter. The solution is an innovative combination of the cooling systems used in MSc’s converters throughout its history. The integrated cooling system makes it possible to produce converters that are small in size.

MSc applied for the patent for the cooling system in the beginning of 2023, and the patent is expected to be granted within a year.

MSc’s compact, modular converters are easy to install and replace. The compact liquid-cooled converter is the smallest in the market for optimal cost-efficiency. Small converter size helps reduce material, installation, shipping and maintenance costs. The new 100 kW converter has a volume of 40 litres and weighs 40 kilograms, remarkably smaller than other solutions in the market. By paralleling modular 100 kW units, electrolyzer solutions can be scaled from hundreds of kilowatts to hundreds of megawatts.

MSc’s new converter for hydrogen electrolyzer systems will be introduced to the market this summer. The first pilot deliveries have been scheduled for autumn, and the production capacity will reach 250 MW by the end of 2024.

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