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MSc renews locomotives in UK


MSc is renewing the battery chargers in the Class 73 locomotives used in UK. The smaller size of the new battery chargers delivered by MSc is one of their advantages. 

The Class 73 locomotives use diesel-electric engines to run on Britain’s railways. As a result of their dual-power source, they can travel on both electrified and non-electrified tracks. 

The engines were built in the 1960s and must now be refitted. Finland’s MSc is delivering the new battery chargers for them. 

–MSc’s battery chargers are used to charge the batteries on board the locomotives. The small size of the chargers is a clear advantage because all the equipment is installed inside the locomotive. The equipment is rated for 10 kW and the output voltage is 110Vdc, says Pekka Hytti, Sales Director as MSc.

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