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MSc to make a full electric power train for a spent nuclear fuel transfer vehicle

MSc has signed a contract of supplying converters and energy storage for Posiva’s canister transfer and installation vehicle (KSAA), which is a battery powered electric vehicle operating underground.

MSc scope of supply includes the converters to charge the vehicle battery and control the main and auxiliary motor drives. Also the 200 kWh energy storage system is part of the total system delivery.

The canister transfer and installation vehicle (KSAA) is the only safety-classified system (SC3) in the underground deposition process. Its task is to transport and install the copper canisters containing spent fuel into the deposition hole.

MSc motor drives will be used for the traction of the vehicle and lifting and moving of the canisters and MSc chargers and DCDC converters will be used to charge and discharge the battery. All converters will be built in heavy duty, long lifetime and corrosion proof IP65 stainless steel enclosures.

MSc was selected as the supplier, because of proven track record of reliable power electronics solutions for special purposes. MSc was also ready to supply complete electric power system for the vehicle including the energy storage.

Posiva Oy is an expert organisation in environmental technology, which was established in 1995. It is tasked with handling the final disposal of the spent nuclear fuel. Posiva’s final disposal solution and final disposal facility ONKALO® are the results of decades of multidisciplinary development efforts.

MSc specializes in power converters for smart grid and industrial applications, and auxiliary power converters for rail vehicles. MSc has over 35 years of experience and has delivered over 16 000 power converters worldwide. MSc products are known of their quality, reliability and long lifetime in wide range of applications.

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